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Would you like to help with my first English book launch?

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Dear friends,
On Friday September 8, my first book in English will be launched onto the international market. If you’d like to, you can help me make my book more visible in the world, and I will be deeply grateful for your help. It would be the most meaningful gift for my birthday (August 27).
How you can help
1. On August 27, please share the announcement about my book (to come in a separate post) with as many people as possible from your network and within the spiritual groups you are a part of.
2. On September 8, please click the order link on Amazon that you will receive in a separate message, and please buy my E-book or paperback, for a very festive price on that day!
3. Please post a short, positive review on Amazon, with as many stars as you like, asap, explaining why the book touched you and why you can recommend it to other people.
What I will gift for you
1. I am offering two, three-day healing Light Circles online, especially from the energy of the power places described in the book. If you wish, you can deduct your investment in my book from your voluntary contribution for these Light Circles.
2. You can also, join a separate emailing group and receive texts from my second English book, which will be released later this year.
3. My heart-felt gratitude, always.
To give you an advance insight into my book, you can read a chapter about how I felt called to follow divine guidance, and how I ended up in Rennes-le-Chateau.

Coming Home, finally

It started in November 2013, when Mieke of the Essenes emerged fully. After I had settled down in my small, new rented house, I vowed that I would allow myself to come home to Earth. The Essene part of me could remember the wise, dignified woman I once used to be. I had been looking for her for some time in this life.
When Hans Stolp (a famous and loved Dutch writer and speaker of Esoterism) talked about their existence, in one of his lectures that I had attended in 2005, the Essenes became a magical code for me. By letting their existence resonate within me, tears always started to flow and I was taken into another world, which I somehow knew used to be mine.
After having read a few books about them, I attended another of Hans’ lectures. During a coffee break, I approached him at the table where his books were on show and I asked him whether he could recommend another worthwhile book about the Essenes; those dedicated people in their linen robes, from the Carmel and Qumran; they all continued to intrigue me. Hans looked me in the eye and said; “I think you should write a book about them”. Slightly taken aback, I smiled and muttered something inaudible like; “I’m not ready for that yet”.
Now, settled in this lovely quiet place at the IJsseldijk, in the Netherlands, I felt that, I had become ready for this challenge. However, I wasn’t ready yet to write a book about the Essenes, but on the inside, I was ready to make the big journey within. Or at least, to go back to the Essene world that was hidden within my deepest layers, behind several personal shadows. After twenty-five years of transformational work, I had become used to inner work and was no longer afraid of whatever wanted to show itself from within my personal unconscious layers.
And what a thorough journey inwards it was! In total solitude and far away from Earthly temptations – helped enormously by temporary legal assistance – I started to rediscover my true self; Mieke of the Essenes. Thank God there were books that touched something within me from different angles and which awakened something deeper within me as I started to remember.
Fortunately, Herbert van Erkelens (who also wrote a book about the Essenes) introduced me to two books that he had written together with a certain Judith Moore. In her book, The Mirror of Magdala, she writes as a messenger from Mary Magdalene, about lost archives with forbidden knowledge that hold a key to create a new world; a world of compassion.
Mary Magdalene was initiated by Jesus (whom I will call Yeshua from now on, his original Aramaic name) into a forbidden Kabbalah and she left Israel for the south of France after the crucifixion.
It was safe there, with many Essenes and Celtic Druids living in the area who had a good connection with the Holy Family. In the Languedoc, she received visions and gospels of the Living Alliance. Reading this, I became conscious of how every human being has to walk their own path of fear, sadness and pain; through the darkness of the Earth, to come home again to our divinity and our brightest light. Exactly as Mary Magdalene and Yeshua had done.
I couldn’t let it go. Together with a then befriended colleague Vincent Rikkerink I researched anything that had to do with this holy path taken by Mary Magdalene and Yeshua; and how to translate this to the path that we ourselves are now walking, 2000 years later. Their path definitely wasn’t the path described in the Bible. Their path was a unique path involving many years of surrender and self-research. It involved initiations in hidden mystery schools that have carefully kept and safeguarded this pure esoteric knowledge through all this time and passed it on, with roots in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Israel, Asia Minor and India. It required a life-long dedication and a secluded life, in communities that served the all-compassing divine plan with their lives and kept the light on Earth alive.
For me the process of inner transformation went on day and night. The more layers I went through, the stronger the original knowledge returned to me. But also, the more persistent the personal blockage and layers of pain were, which had ingrained themselves between me and this knowledge.
In the summer of 2013, I went to a theme day about Mary Magdalene given by Nanco Immanuel – a Dutch friend and an activator of higher consciousness. He was talking about a spiritual group tour he was about to lead to the Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh, in Scotland, I knew immediately that I had to go too. Also, this tour would start on my birthday in August; this was meant to be!
By the end of August, I was standing at the reception in the Rosslyn Chapel. I said that I wanted to go into the chapel every day for the next few days, to be able to feel and meditate by myself when the group had left. I was given a free entry pass for the coming days! For me this was a sign from the Light World.
It actually did make sense to go back there four times in a row, to align with the esoteric knowledge and the divine love that are both abundantly present there.
During one of those last days there was a loud American couple having breakfast in my otherwise peaceful and quiet B&B. I was in a meditative state and preferred silence, but whatever I tried, I wasn’t able to close myself off from their squabbling.
I understood that they had missed a bus that should have taken them to visit several highlights in Edinburgh. Now, they had to plan the day by themselves and they couldn’t make up their mind where to go. When I heard the word chapel I got up, as if urged by something within me and I walked across to their table. When I got there, I didn’t exactly know what to do, so I started talking about the Rosslyn chapel, about how special and impressive it was.
This incident took a beautiful turn, when the woman fell silent, observed me like she saw right through me, and spoke.“Do you know the books of Kathleen McGowan? If I were you, I’d start reading them.”
I had never heard of her before. But, once back in the Netherlands, my walk to that breakfast table turned out to be a big hit.
Together with the three thick mystery books written by Kathleen McGowan about Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and the Medici, I embraced the autumn.
I had voluntarily entered the legal aid system. I’d already known for a few years that I wouldn’t be able to hold up my business practice, which I’d held together financially mainly by giving piano lessons. Now, my heart had started beating more and more insistently for the path of self-realisation. The Earthly work had to make way for my inner journey. I had lots of time to pull back from what the outer world wanted of me. Even though a part of me didn’t agree and had fears and doubts, I extended my antennae towards a world beyond duality.
Before September 8th, I will share more from my book with you, with my love,