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About the book ‘A Journey to Love – a Holy Quest in southern France’

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Why read it?
This book is a heart-warming, personal account of a Holy Grail journey and awakening to inner guidance from the Light World. Be transported to dimensions far beyond our limited human thinking. Receive precious messages of love from this book to encourage you to take your own inner voyage to the divine within yourself. Accompany the author to heightened states of consciousness; where she meets essential parts of herself; and her ancient connections with Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Family become clear.

Who wrote it?
This is the first of three books written by popular spiritualist, Dutch born, Mieke Vulink about the spiritual journey we each take through our physical lives on planet Earth. It brings to life the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the French Essenes, Cathars and Templars who many people believe continued the teachings of Mary Magdalene in ’the sacred country’. They left behind many sacred symbols, signs and places in southern France and beyond, to help us – each – on our way to awakening.  This book explores these phenomena and demonstrates to the reader how to take them into their lives and the benefits they will experience from visiting these places in person.

The book’s Introduction, written by Ian Graham, provides insight into the power of this extraordinary written work. Scottish born Ian Graham is a spiritual coach and healer. He has worked for nearly forty years as the channel for White Bull. He is the author or two books about the wisdom of White Bull. He regularly facilitates retreats on Patmos, Greece and through journeys to the Himalayas.

‘There is no doubt about it; A Journey to Love asked to be written! This book reveals a classic example of how faithfulness and obedience to an inner calling can lead you on a journey that leaves you in a state of awe and wonder.

The reader can be no less affected as, page after page, Mieke Vulink affirms through her direct experience that when a vocation is followed, grace is present at every turn to inject oil into the wheels of endeavour. Mieke and her daughter Eva’s journey, through the Languedoc area of France on the path of the Holy Grail, provides a story that neatly entwines many different threads.

It is firstly, an informative travel log through one of the most beautiful and sacred corners of Europe. Even someone who is uninitiated in the histories and mysteries of the region cannot fail to be drawn to. At the same time, it provides a perfect guide to anyone interested in exploring the sacred sites with their own associations with the Essenes, Cathars, Templar Knights and medieval history.

Like a complex jigsaw puzzle, the story unfolds as chance encounter followed by inner visions and intuitive hunches followed by another chance encounter draws together a collection of characters who each have a crucial role in leading to the dénouement and ultimate encounter at the end of the book.

Mieke has that special ability to allow her inner guidance to bring her always to the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people. Sometimes that means to be sitting at the right restaurant table, to have her ears flapping in the right direction to overhear the right conversations.

But most fascinating is where Mieke cleverly weaves together the directional and the dimensional elements as she and Eva allow themselves to be guided to one of the most wonderful stories in Christian history. The Holy Grail, the quest for it and the real and mystical meaning of it. Inseparable from that of course, are Yeshua and Mary Magdalene who are Mieke’s inspiration and whose love is her companion on her journey.

One of the cleverest parts of Mieke’s writing is that, in spite of the obvious input of unseen forces with which she co-creates her pilgrimage, she never becomes overly poetic or ungrounded. Even when describing her own sublime and profound mystical experiences, she reveals enough to give the reader a taste of what she went through while never losing her perspective of the detached observer.

Mieke Vulink is a modern-day mystic. This becomes clear as she shares with her reader insights into her occasional doubts and fears as she bows down before the enormous implications of what she experiences. In her writing, legend becomes truth.’

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